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Adopting a student as an emergency measure in Spain



At present Spanish universities are drastically increasing their tuition fees owing to the government cuts in funding higher education institutions. The current tuition fees fall between 680 and 1,280 EURO.


A great number of students especially those from low-income families have to consider abandoning their studies as it becomes still more difficult to pay for them.


Therefore Spanish universities have launched a new scheme consisting in “adopting a student” by funding the tuition fees. This is considered to be an emergency measure, having temporary character. So far the scheme has been quite successful with 11 students from Polytechnic University of Valencia already funded by a citizen of Alcoy. Another anonymous donator has given 70,000 EURO to University of León.


According to recent data youth unemployment in Spain has now reached 56.1%, the second poorest rate in Europe after Greece. Naturally this is affecting students in particular. Obtaining a scholarship has become much more difficult and there has been a cut in scholarship number.


A few months ago, 30,000 students in Spain were at risk of being expelled because they haven’t paid their tuition fees. For example, at University Complutense of Madrid more than 3,000 students received a notice regarding their expelling because they didn’t pay their outstanding fees but the university agreed to work on a plan allowing students to pay later.


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