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Become a speaker

The call for session proposals for all IUNC conferences in 2018 is open now.


***** Approved speakers will get a 30% discount to the current registration fee rate *****


Share your knowledge and expertise as well as best practice examples with an audience of higher education professionals by becoming a speaker at a future IUNC 2018. 


There are three different formats for sessions:

  • Panel sessions: thought-provoking presentations and/or presentations introducing a novel idea followed by discussions with the audience.
  • Roundtable sessions: active group discussions on specific current topics introduced by the moderators.
  • Other types of sessions: you are free to use your creativity and suggest new formats to us.


Sessions are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Completeness
  • Quality of content
  • Level of interest
  • Diversity of speakers
  • Relevance to the field
  • Innovativeness
  • Panel and rountable sessions


How long do they last?

15-50 minutes.


Who can submit a proposal?

All conference participants can submit their proposals.


What does it cost?

Attendance of all sessions are included in the conference participation fee for all participants. There is no additional fee to be paid or additional registration required for those who wish to attend any sessions. The speakers are not supposed to get any honorarium for the presentations. They do not pay any additional fees for making the presentations.


Who is involved?

One moderator who is in charge of leading the discussion, and from one to five presenters who share their viewpoints and engage in a discussion. It is recommended that approximately one-third of the session is dedicated to questions and answers, discussions or other formats that encourage audience participation.


Other formats

Other innovative methods of presenting and outlining a session are welcomed and encouraged – for example very small group discussions, question and answer sessions, interactive games, for and against debates, illustrating with film, etc. Feel free to use your creativity in creating a new session format! We would love to hear your ideas!


Options to make a proposal for IUNC 2018.

1.     If you have an IDEA for the topic for presentation, discussion or session or you have a particular interest in some HE field, please forward your thoughts to info@iunc.net with a title “IUNC 2017 idea”.


2.     If you would like to become a SPEAKER on IUNC 2018, please do the following:

  1. Please Register for the Conference
  2. Submit proposal form at your Personal account (click "My proposal").

Your proposal will be considered and you will receive our feedback 14 days before the conference. Only if your proposal is accepted you will be invited to participate in the IUNC on special conditions.


3.     If you would like to become a SPEAKER on IUNC 2018, you can also forward your proposal to  info@iunc.net with a title “IUNC [conference location] 2018 SPEAKER PROPOSAL”. Please make sure that you are submitting all necessary details as follows:

  1. Presentation name
  2. Presentation theme/topic
  3. Duration of the presentation
  4. Speaker`s bio (brief)
  5. Audience description
  6. Abstract
  7. Type of the presentation (session, round-table, discussion or other)
  8. If you are submitting a proposal for IUNC Eurasia 2018, please point out the section of your proposal: General section or BRICS HigherEd Cooperation Forum


Proposal deadline: 2 months before the Conference.



Each IUNC attendee either participant or speaker has to bear his/her travel and accommodation costs and any additional costs if needed. 

***** Some restrictions may apply. The discounts cannot be combined.


IUNC Americas 2018

December 2018, Miami, USA


IUNC Global Online 2018

February 15-16, 2018


IUNC Eurasia 2018

May 14-16, 2018, Moscow, Russia


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