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Brazilian students - new study destinations



Mr. Carlos Robles, President of BELTA (the biggest education agency in Brazil) and Director of Intercultural Educational Programs (IEP) shared their recent research results concerning international education and exchange market in Brazil in his interview with ICEF Monitor.


According to Mr. Robles Brazilian the new student destination choices in 2012 included Malta, China, South Africa, India, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Chile, Scandinavia.


Concerning language courses and study&work abroad programmes, the most students appear to have opted for Canada. The US, however, remains number one position for the graduate and postgraduate markets.


Most Brazilians choose to study languages in Canada, France and Spain, the research established.


In the same way there was the increase in the percentage of students staying for less than one month and the corresponding decrease in students staying longer than six months.


Right now the main pledge for Brazil sustainable growth is investment into study&work abroad programmes, the increasing demand for language courses, economic stability, growing market share and purchasing power of students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and popularisation of exchange programmes.

Overall, Brazil is considered to be a strong education market player that is yet to show its full strength.


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