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Looking for international engagement? Seeking job opportunities involving language practice and constant self-development? Eager to work in an international environment?


Then welcome to IUNC team!


The prime goal of IUNC Committee is to promote inter university partnerships on the global arena, provide efficient networking platform for educators and help universities keep abreast of the latest HE news and breakthrough in int’l cooperation.

This implies much effort and requires human resources with strong leadership skills, commitment and diligence.


If you are:

  • Result-driven
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Reliable
  • Ambitious
  • Self-motivated
  • Proficient in English (good command of other languages is an asset)
  • Keen on IHE


And have experience in:

  • Sales, marketing, online advertising, B2B and B2C events
  • Student recruitment
  • Event organization
  • Article writing, copywriting, rewriting
  • Journalism
  • Translation, interpreting
  • Quality control


Then you definitely qualify to join our team!



New to HE? Not enough qualification yet but strong intention to learn and grow?


IUNC Committee will help you get experience and explore your career path in internationalizing HE in CIS countries and around the world.

It is preferable that the candidate has Bachelor or Master degree, but last year graduate students may also apply.


We are not seeking international HE specialists, we prefer to grow them within our team.



By joining IUNC team you will:

  • Contribute to the development of Russian and CIS education

  • Create a service for the benefit of educators and HE institutions from all around the globe

  • Promote your fatherland on international market as a high-quality study destination

  • Work with int’l students, agents and universities and help them achieve their goals

  • Organize HE conferences for int’l networking

  • Help Russian and other CIS universities find new partners, develop themselves, recruit students

  • Support and coordinate int’l delegations visiting to Russian and Ukrainian universities

  • Research int’l education market, make surveys and write articles on education-related topics

  • Have flexible schedule, competitive salary and opportunity to express yourself in a friendly working environment


Although some tasks present real challenge, they help you grow and develop new qualities and build up on your strengths. We try to divide complex tasks into small assignments among our team so that everyone has equal share of work load, is able to express his/her ideas and contribute to successful implementation of the project.

Working in IUNC team implies occasional travelling to India, China, African countries, the US, European Union, within Russia and Ukraine.


Please send your CV to careers@iunc.net to find out about available positions and opportunities.


IUNC team is constantly growing in line with the scope of its activity.

Become part of it today, invest in your tomorrow!



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