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Next IUNC Conferences - building up your network across the globe


The Global Series of IUNC Conferences ► Overview


The Global Series of IUNC Conferences is a unique series of Int`l HigherEd events, offering network building as the main conference tool, which gives participants the opportunity to achieve their collaboration and partnership goals easily and efficiently. Each IUNC conference is very specific event, focused on University Cooperationa Development and Edu Agency Relationship Building with partiular region.


IUNC (aka International Universities Networking Conference) is created as a platform for International Officers of institutions, looking for new opportunities in Internationalization through university partnerships or interested in foreign student recruitment via agencies.


The IUNC aims to broaden relations between institutions from different countries and create world-wide peer-level interaction network. The special focus of each event is collaboration with universities from specific regions: Eurasia, Latin America, North America, Middle East & Africa. The conference will also provide higher education professionals with an opportunity to present and discuss their interests in a friendly and engaging environment as well as meet edu agents and student fairs organizer of the region.


IUNC offers a state-of-the-art meeting e-scheduler, which helps participants to find suitable contacts and make appointmentsquickly and efficiently. Managing of your conference meetings is a breeze to use today.



  • … Economize considerably, because you are not required to purchase a booth. You will have networking table (instead of booth) to conduct all scheduled meetings.
  • … Build your own edu agent network in the region, because you will meet the smartest edu agents.
  • … Allocate your time efficiently, because you will make up your schedule 25 days prior to the Conference. You may have up to 30 prescheduled appointments (30-minute appointments with priority partners to be made by smart eschedule).
  • … Indulge in marketing and networking activities, because you will meet your potential partner universitieshighly motivated edu agents and the best student fair organizers in the area, present your institution and establish world-wide peer relations.


Registration fee

Early bird deadlines:

I stage:          EUR 390

II stage:         EUR 590

III stage:        EUR 790

Regular fee:    EUR 990


Registration fee includes:

- E-schedule platform for the conference,

- Participation in all sessions, workshops and discussions;

- Table for workshop, internet and program materials;

- Lunches, dinners and coffee breaks;

- Campus tour to local universities.


IUNC Americas 2017

December 4-6, 2017, Miami, USA 

Higher education institutions from USA & Canada and all LATAM countries (60%) meet with HEIs
from other countries (40%) to establish cooperation between each other.



1) Cooperation with institutions from North America, Latin America. 

2) One-to-one appointments





IUNC Global ONLINE 2018


February 15-16, 2018 

Higher education institutions from around the globe meet with recruitment agencies from different countries to establish to establish cooperation between each other. 



1) ONLINE exhibition

2) ONLINE one-to-one appointments

3) ONLINE sessions and presentations


IUNC Eurasia 2018


May 14-17, 2018, Moscow, Russia

Higher education institutions from Europe and Asia (70%) meet with HEIs from other countries (30%) to establish cooperation between each other.



1) The IUNC flagship event

2) Cooperation with institutions from Russia & CIS

3) BRICS HigherEd Cooperation Forum


For enquiries and details please contact us at info@iunc.net



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