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Russia and the ROK: cooperation in HR training



In frame of the project «Russia and the Asia-Pacific Region: Conceptual Basis for Security and Development Policy» several bilateral agreements were concluded between Russia and The Republic of Korea.


One of them is Cooperation in Human Resources training, which focuses on managers in high-tech sectors and is supported by the internship of Russian specialists at the ROK scientific and innovation centers. Within the framework of the educational program undertaken by the Korea Foundation, Russian students and scientists will be offered grants for education, research & development.


Programs for the exchange of college students and professors have been embraced by the Institute of Asia and Africa (Lomonosov Moscow State University), MGIMO University of the RF MFA, Moscow State Linguistic University, Far East Federal University, etc. while the South Korean side is represented by the following partners: Yonsei University, Korea University, Kyung Hee University, Korean Foreign Languages University, etc. Annually, about 100 Russian students, college professors and scientists come to South Korea under various educational programs.


At present Russian Government grants state scholarships for education in tertiary educational institutions in Russia to the citizens of ROK. In recent years, the quota was fixed at 25 state scholarships per annum.


However both sides are ready to further develop their scientific and technological cooperation. ROK is developing scientific and technological cooperation with different countries, including Russia as the government has elaborated the “5-7-7” program which stipulates investment in R&D at a rate of 5% of GDP, the development of seven prioritized fields and the country joining the seven most scientifically and technologically developed nations.


Russian federal government in its turn has very positive forecasts for the transition of the national economy from a model of dependence on primary materials exports to a new economy based on innovation, fostering intellectual capital, and the prioritized development of high-tech sectors with a high degree of competitiveness on global markets. In order to speed up scientific and technological development, Russia is establishing cooperation with various countries with a focus on modernization, whereas Republic of Korea is viewed as one of the most promising partners.


For successful cooperation of Russia and ROK it is imperative to intensify the engagement of various scientific funds and grants of ROK to support Russian researchers in the field of exact, natural, social and humanitarian sciences, as well as to create joint funds to finance fundamental research.




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