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The 1st Virtual Conference – promising alternative to the standard HigherEd events


IUNC Organizing Committee is glad to announce that the IUNC Latin America 2016 conference was held successfully on November 30th - December 1st, 2016.


It was the 1st Virtual Conference on Higher Education Cooperation in 3D  format, which helped universities from around the world meet at online-platform and discuss various ways of university partnership such as student/faculty exchanges, dual degrees, joint research programs and find new prospective partners. The conference was devoted to the partnership developing with universities from Latin America and education agency network building. The conference was accompanied by the virtual exhibition. As usual the main distinctive feature of IUNC Latin America 2016 conference was one-2-one meetings. This time participants conducted the business appointments staying in their offices.


The representatives of international departments of universities and agencies from the USA, the U.K., Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Malta, China, Saudi Arabia, almost all counties of Latin America and some countries from Asia and Africa took part in the IUNC Latin America 2016 ONLINE.


There are a lot of advantages of this brand-new approach to the HigherEd event format: the participants do need special equipment and specific tech skills for this online conference, no travelling is required. That means that the attendees save 2 major resources - their time and money.


We are happy to conclude that the 1st Virtual Conference on HigherEd Cooperation IUNC Latin America 2016 got   the positive feedback from the representatives of worldwide universities, because it allows to work on the internalization of universities with minimum time & money investments. This opens new opportunities to find potential academic partners and discuss possible ways to collaborations without leaving the office. Obviously virtual format of the conference discovers completely new perspectives for low-income countries, giving the options for affordable participation. Because the main difficulty for them is not to pay the registration fee for attending of the event, but their traveling expenses which are extremely high. Today the cutting edge technologies allow the conference attendees to take part in all event activities, e.g. sessions, presentations, discussions, one-2-one meetings and exhibition. The virtual format is rather new for HigherEd sphere, but many universities already saw the true value and appreciated the convenience of it.  


The 1st Virtual Conference on HigherEd  IUNC Latin America 2016 was opened by the welcome ceremony. During this session  Mr Bogdan Voronovskiy, the Executive Director of IUNC Organizing Committee Chair presented the overview of the University Cooperation with Latin America. It was followed by five sessions. During presentations speakers told about features of cooperation with countries from Latin America, prospects for collaboration and plans for the nearest future.  All the presentations and sessions passed online and every member had the opportunity to ask question and express his own opinion. The last session was held in Spanish and discussed the main idea of the conference — internationalization of LATAM institutions, the main bottlenecks and ways out of it.  The 2nd conference day was full of pre-scheduled one-2-one business appointments.


We are sure that 3D format of virtual events is the thing of the future, and it will become widely used very soon considering its unbeatable advantages and cost-effectiveness. Of course, virtual conferences will not replace the standard events at all. Because nothing can substitute personal face-to-face communication and many people still prefer to go somewhere to attend event in person. Besides, traveling is one of the most popular hobbies. And if we are speaking about International Officers, it is not a hobby for them, traveling is their lifestyle. That is why IUNC Organizing Committee is going to continue the Global Series of  IUNC Conferences worldwidely in standard “in person” format and add some virtual events for the comprehensive approach.






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