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IUNC Eurasia 2018






Agency Workshop

ONE-TO-ONE meetings with recruitment agencies


Looking for new opportunities to recruit more international students?

Participate in our Agency Workshop to find reputable and motivated agencies from all over the world! The IUNC Agency Workshop is an important part of each IUNC conference. Held in the format of one-to-one prescheduled meetings with the agencies of your choice, it is one of the most effective and reasonable ways to establish solid relationships with agencies and recruit more international students. We screen all attending agencies with great care, so you are meeting experienced and competent agencies, interested in long-term cooperation.


Workshop in the format of ONE-TO-ONE meetings ► what is it? 

Each IUNC participant has an opportunity to get the list of attending recruitment agencies, choose potential partners, send them meeting requests, appoint one-to-one meetings at appropriate time-slots and conduct these appointments. We provide participants with an easy-to-use e-scheduling system, which helps them easily find relevant partners and schedule all meetings. 


Workshop ► how does it work?

Two weeks before the IUNC Eurasia 2018 conference you will start your pre-conference activity, which is a very important part of the event and guarantees a fruitful conference participation. You will be sent e-scheduler access details. In the e-scheduling system, you will see the list of conference attendees. The next step is to choose potential partners and send them your meeting requests. The conference attendees will react to your requests by accepting or declining them. If your meeting request is accepted, the e-scheduling system will find a time-slot suitable for both participants automatically. So your task is just to check the list of participants, select potential partners and send them meeting requests. And the e-scheduler will make up your agenda.

After arrival to the conference, you will easily find your allocated working table with your individual mark at the Meeting Hall. You can keep all your stuff at your working table. During the conference, you will conduct your meetings at your table or go to the tables of other attendees. Please refer to your agenda to find the correct place for your next meeting.


As a conference & workshop attendee you will be able to participate in the following activities:

  • hosting your working table (for institutions)
  • customizing your working table (for institutions) 
  • attending the sessions & presentations
  • conducting one-to-one meetings
  • meeting new people and establishing new partnership connections
  • participating in all evening networking events
  • enjoying delicious meals during breaks  (according to the program)


You will enjoy the networking and friendly environment of the ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS.

And you will be absolutely impressed with the effectiveness of this format!



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