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IUNC Global Online 2018

Registration information

For your convenience, we offer a flexible system of the registration fee rates. Plan your participation in advance. It will help you save considerably with early-bird rates.


 Early bird deadlines: 



   for Universities &  

Service providers,

in EURO 




  for Agencies,  


Click to learn more about 


 for EEUA`s partners  


I stage:


till 14 August 2017




II stage:


till 14 October 2017




III stage: 


till 14 December 2017





Regular fee


till 14 February 2018





SPECIAL OFFER for EEUA`s partner agencies ► click here



LOYAL PARTICIPANTS (HEIs) will get a 20% discount to any stage rate.

APPROVED SPEAKERS will get a 30% discount  to any stage rate.



Registration fee includes:

- E-schedule platform for the conference

- Participation in all sessions, presentations and discussions

- One-to-one meetings

- Booth at the Virtual Exhibition (HEIs only)

- Online Avatar

- Access to saved information, which you get during the exhibition (partners’ contacts, presentations, leaflets, etc)


As a virtual conference attendee you will be able to participate in the following activities:

  • hosting your own booth (for institutions only)
  • customizing your booth using various advertising options(for institutions only) 
  • attending the sessions & presentations
  • visiting other booths
  • conducting one-to-one meetings using video-chat
  • meet new people and establish new partnership connections


You will enjoy the captivating environment on the VIRTUAL CONFERENCE in 3D. In order to get familiar with this technology and get an idea what the virtual event will look like, please WATCH THIS VIDEO below (click).


WHY attend?!