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IUNC Americas 2018







IUNC Americas 2018

The 4th Annual International Universities Networking Conference + Edu Agency Workshop

Intercontinental Partnership Development       December 05-07, 2018


IUNC Organizing Committee is proud to invite the leading professionals in International Higher Education to participate in the 4th Annual International Universities Networking Conference - IUNC Americas 2018 to be held in Miami (FL, USA) on December 5-7, 2018.   

IUNC Americas 2018 is the Int`l HigherEd Conference, focused on the University Cooperation Development and Edu Agency Relations Building.


Please look through a brief questionnaire to understand if IUNC Americas 2018 conference is relevant for you to participate.

          Are you…

  • Interested in cooperation with universities and colleges from USA, Canada or Latin America?
  • Looking for new partnership opportunities and exploring ways of foreign student recruitment?
  • Seeking options to manage numerous of business trips & int’l activities efficiently?

YES ? We will be very glad to welcome you at IUNC Americas 2018 conference & workshop!


IUNC Americas 2018 conference is the exclusive face-to-face networking event specifically designed to connect universities from around the world with international office directors from institutions of USA, Canada, LATAM region and edu agencies.


Why attend?

IUNC Americas 2018 will…

  • Provide you with excellent networking opportunities with institutions of your interest via business appointments
  • Give you a chance to meet good & motivated agencies you will recruit more as a result
  • Save you time & budget you can conduct all these activities in one place by yourself  (no booths, no needless travels, negotiations only!)


General information

IUNC Americas 2018 will highlight cutting-edge tendencies in the sphere of higher education in North & South Americas and will bring together more than 100 attendees from across the globe. In December 2018 the leading institutions of North America and Latin America, which are open for new partnership relations, will get together with foreign universities and edu agencies from all over the world, looking for prospective international partners. Miami will become a place of the latest HigherEd trends discussions, networking and collaboration developing for the top-notch professionals from around the world. This event will be interesting to those universities that want to establish cooperation in the field of student or faculty exchange, joint grant applications, dual degrees etc. 


The conference program will include sessions, presentations and round-tables on the local & global HigherEd tendencies, one-to-one meetings with universities and agencies. The IUNC Americas 2018 will provide to each university the outstanding opportunities for networking, personal approaching potential partners, university/company branding and marketing.


The main distinctive feature of the IUNC Americas 2018 is the format of prescheduled ONE-to-ONE meetings


Combining unbelievable leisure opportunities and prominent business activities, IUNC Americas 2018 is promising to become one of the most distinguished events in Int`l HigherEd.


Participation in IUNC Americas 2018 will ultimately increase the number of your international academic partners. The event will help you to create new connections with worldwide universities, interested in cooperation particularly with your HEI, find well-motivated and reliable edu agents for recruiting the international students for you, and make your university more attractive for local students and faculty staff, providing reach opportunities for international learning, research activities and exchanges.


The most popular cooperation avenues to be discussed at the Conference:

  • Student/Faculty exchanges
  • Student recruitment
  • Joint educational programs & dual degrees
  • Exchange of educational products
  • Joint grant applications
  • Joint research projects
  • Short-term programs


Inspired by the best practices in international networking we are offering you a state-of-the-art meeting e-scheduler for making appointments with suitable parties quickly and efficiently. So you can preschedule all your meetings before arriving at the conference. At the conference, each participant will get a numbered workplace (meeting table) and all your prospective partners will easily find you among other attendees.


The IUNC Americas 2018 will definitely become one of the best networking conferences for establishing university partnerships. We welcome universities, colleges, languages schools, recruiting agencies and other educational service providers from around the globe to join us at IUNC Americas 2018 conference! 













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