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IUNC Eurasia 2018






IUNC Eurasia 2018

The 7th Annual International Universities Networking Conference + Edu Agency Workshop

  HigherEd Internationalization as a priority     May 14-16, 2018


IUNC Organizing Committee is proud to invite you to participate in the 7th Annual International Universities Networking Conference - IUNC Eurasia 2018 on May 14-16, 2018 in Moscow, Russia. 


IUNC Eurasia 2018 is the Int`l HigherEd Conference, focused on the University Cooperation Development and Edu Agency Relations Building. This is the exclusive face-to-face networking event specifically designed to connect universities from around the world with international office directors from European & Asian institutions and edu agencies from different countries. The special focus of the event will be cooperation with universities from Russia & CIS.


This year about 250 Intl`l HigherEd Professionals from Eurasia and all over the world will gather in Moscow, the capital of the biggest and the most amazing country in the world! The conference program will combine engaging sessions and presentations from the world leading experts of University International Relations, round-tables and discussions offering great opportunities to share the best practices and catalyzing ideas exchange and, as usual, extraordinary networking activities.  


IUNC Eurasia 2018 is the first and unique conference on International Higher Education creating the effective and easy-to-use* platform for “university-to-university” and “university-to-agent” communication and networking. The conference will be interesting to the universities which are exploring the opportunities of academic partnerships (such as student/faculty exchanges, dual degrees and other joint educational programs, joint research projects and grant applications) and looking for the agencies to recruit foreign students for them.


The IUNC Eurasia 2018 will bundle 2 important HigherEd audiences: universities and edu agencies. There will be excellent opportunities for HEIs to find proper agency at the conference, and discuss int`l student recruitment issues directly on site.  For agencies, IUNC Eurasia 2018 will build a friendly environment for presenting themselves and appealing to possible collaboration results.



IUNC Organizing Committee is orgizing The 2nd BRICS HigherEd Cooperation Forum, which will be held as a part of IUNC Eurasia 2018 conference (Moscow, Russia, May 14-16, 2018).


BRICS HigherEd Cooperation Forum is a purpose-oriented establishment, aimed to develop university partnerships between institutions from BRICS countries. The university delegations from Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and China (consisting of 5 institutions and more each) will contribute into it. All Forum attendees will get an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of BRICS institutions and discuss cooperation in this large special group along with the main program of the IUNC Eurasia 2018 conference.


Exceptional BRICS Forum Program will contain specially designed sessions such as presentations, discussions and round-tables, devoted to the BRICS HigherEd Cooperation issues, possible ways of partnerships and difficulties overcoming.  As usual for IUNC Eurasia conferences, special focus will be on one-to-one meetings afterwards.


The CALL for PROPOSALS is open ► SUBMIT your session proposal today!


The main distinctive feature of the IUNC Eurasia 2018 is the format of prescheduled one-to-one meetings.


Eastern European University Association will host the 7th Annual IUNC Eurasia 2018 conference. The Head of EEUA will coordinate the IUNC Eurasia 2018 and open the Conference, giving the overview of International Higher Education on the territory of CIS countries (former Soviet Union states) and presenting EEUA`s latest research on Int`l HigherEd.


The Conference program at a glance: 

  • Open sessions, presentations, round-tables, discussion on various topics about: trends of international education, effective ways of cooperation between universities, recruitment technologies, state scholarship programs, etc.
  • Pre-scheduled meetings with universities and agencies (HigherEd Workshop)
  • Campus tour to prospective partner universities in Moscow
  • Networking activities


Meet foreign & local universities and edu agencies at the 7th Annual IUNC Eurasia 2018 conference and workshop in Moscow!






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* IUNC 2018 offers a state-of-the-art meeting e-scheduler, which helps participants to find suitable contacts and make appointments quickly and efficiently. Managing of your conference meetings is a breeze to use today! 

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