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Why should you attend IUNC Conferences


Why attend?


1) Each IUNC Conference takes place in strategically important city of the region of the event:

► it is an easy place to get to (direct flights from almost all countries)

► the best institutions of the region will be participating

► interesting traveling destination, plenty of places world-famous places of interest, vibrant atmosphere, great cultural experience


2) The IUNC Conference is the purpose-oriented event:

► well defined aim of the event ensuring fruitful results

► attended by the decision-makers on Int`l Affairs of the institutions only (Int`l Relations Officers, responsible for different areas of International Performance of universities)

► no irrelevant meetings


3) Networking &  Personal Negotiations as a main idea of the conference

► pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings (business appointments)

► an opportunity to choose potential partners of your interest (match-making)

► a chance to meet & discuss possible cooperation IN PERSON


4) Cost effectiveness as a priority

► IUNC conference is and "all-inclusive" event (the registration fee covers all sessions, one-to-one meetings, campus-tour, all meals according to the Program)

► The early bird discounts let save up to €600 per participant

► Additional benefits and discount for speakers


5) Pre-scheduling activities & event organisation

► easy-manageable agenda (e-scheduler will do a match-making, find available time-slot and appoint all meetings for you)

► time-saving tehnologies (it will take about 30 min to get familiar and make up your agenda)

► you will not be lost at the conference! You will have your personal negotiation table marked with your institution name and branding opportunities.

► your online agenda will guide you all the time. You will have the place and time of your next meeting, and your partner will come to this place at the appointed timeas well. 



Learn more about the Global Series of IUNC conferences!


IUNC Americas 2017

December 4-6, 2017 ► Miami, USA


IUNC Global Online 2018

February 15-16, 2018 ► ONLINE

IUNC Eurasia 2018

May 14-17, 2018, Moscow, Russia


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